How Do I Block Scam Likely Calls Iphone

How Do I Block Scam Likely Calls Iphone

Scam Likely is feature from providers such as T-Mobile who's have created labels to potentially dangerous caller. Depending on what kind of phone you have, the message that you see on screen may be different. These features changes the caller ID of the potential scam caller to “Scam Likely”.
The problem is that feature only labels the calls as possible scams to help customers avoid being tricked by these calls.

iOS has a built-in feature that allows you to block individual numbers. Go to your Phone app, then tap Recents and find the number you want to block, and then ta Block this Caller.

Alternatively, you can use an app from from the App Store like Hiya or Truecaller.

To activate the Scam Block, open your Phone app, enter #662# on the keypad, and press the call button. You can deactivate it by dialing #632#. If you're not sure if you've activated this service or not, you can dial #787# to find out.

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