An Alarm Clock Covert Camera Is Efficient In Home Surveillance

An Alarm Clock Covert Camera Is Efficient In Home Surveillance

We had a new housekeeper. Although she was the most qualified applicant, I still would not say that I trust her, considering my previous unpleasant experiences with new housekeepers. It takes time. Steps needed to be taken in order for her to gain my trust.

I decided to have hidden cameras inside my house. It was to monitor everything our new housekeeper did. In that way, I would be able to figure out if she was really doing her job well.

I went online and looked for the best indoor surveillance cameras I could find. I came across a lot of hidden cameras but stopped looking after I spotted the alarm clock hidden camera.

Right then and there, I purchased the alarm clock hidden camera to use for indoor surveillance. Concealed in a household item, It has a motion-activated recording system wherein it starts to record when activity is detected in the covered area. It is very user-friendly, which makes it easy to operate. I plugged it, facing the living room, and that was it. An SD card with an 8GB memory is included.

The housekeeper had no clue that a hidden camera was watching her. I played the recorded video when I got home from work. I easily used the RCA cable that came with it to connect it to the TV. I also watched it on my laptop using its SD card.

I fired her immediately. I was so angry about what I saw - her sleeping on my own couch the whole day. What about her chores? Not one was done. I am glad for how my alarm clock hidden camera helped me with what I wanted to know.

Performing indoor surveillance can be very rewarding. I happen to have a spy camera that is well-made for following its purpose of letting me know what happens inside my home while I am away.

My alarm clock hidden camera is just what I needed. If you have suspicions about your housekeeper, I highly suggest it.

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